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6 Feb 2010

In a survey released today by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS), 71% of respondents think society is less judgmental about cosmetic surgery than it was just five years ago. Furthermore, about 62% said society’s attitude toward cosmetic surgery made them feel more comfortable about getting a cosmetic medical procedure at a skin clinic or medical spa.

“This is a confirmation of what many of us have felt for a long time; that cosmetic surgery has become mainstream,” said Dr. Mark Berman, AACS president-elect. “A variety of factors have contributed to the normalization of our industry, but the bottom line is that people are not afraid to talk openly about cosmetic surgery anymore.”

According to the survey, the most accepted invasive procedures are breast augmentation (42.4%), face lift (32.2%) and tummy tuck (32.1%). Among noninvasive procedures, the most accepted are laser hair removal (61.9%) and Botox (61.6%). Additionally, 52% of respondents said they would tell family about having invasive cosmetic surgery.

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