Medical spas Are Combating The War On Wrinkles

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27 Jul 2010

Creases and facial lines are an almost universal side-effect of the aging process. Occasionally they disclose one’s actual age, but yet sometimes they can make a person seem to be more aged than they actually are, exacerbated by sun and weather damage, cigarette smoking, and bad nourishment.

In time, our skin becomes not as elastic and effective holding onto moisture, while the deepest layers of skin shed fat cells, which sometimes bring sagging and wrinkles at the surface of the skin.

There’s a lot of solutions for getting rid of and minimizing fine lines , including Botox, dermal fillers, laser skin resurfacing, and topical chemical peels and creams. If ever the wrinkles and fine lines aren’t too deep or excessive, it may be possible to remedy them employing a glycolic acid peel, a lactic acid peel, or a glycolic peel.

A Glycolic peel works by stimulating collagen under the epidermis. It’s really a really light peel that is going to be used every fourteen days, over time causing up to a 20% thickening of the skin.

Excellent for fine lines, eye wrinkles and smile lines, glycolic acid can’t help with sagging skin or serious wrinkles.

An alternate procedure for fighting wrinkles is by using lactic acid. Unlike glycolic acid, it functions entirely on the surface layers of the skin, by pulling moisture content into skin cells.

Glycolic chemical peels may be used once every week. For best results, anyone using it should always exfoliate and hydrate their skin on non-treatment days.

With all the previously mentioned products, it is recommended that users should avoid using self-tanning creams, facial hair waxing, masks, scrubs, or exfoliants for 48 hrs prior to a peel. Additionally, limit sun exposure and tanning for not less than 7 days prior to applying the peel.

After the peel, just a few basic guidelines can help ensure the best results. Don’t workout or sweat excessively for a couple hours after use, and don’t use exfoliants until the facial skin returns to its usual condition. In addition, make sure you apply a fragrance-free moisturizer 2 times a day.

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