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7 Jun 2010

Dysport vs BotoxLike Botox, Dysport is a crease treatment using the pure variety of Botulinum toxin. Both products are particularly well suited for the vertical lines between the eyebrows recognized as glabellar lines, and are sometimes used for other dynamic facial wrinkles such as horizontal lines across the forehead and crows feet.

Unlike Botox (that earned approval by the Federal Drug Administration in 1991), Dysport received the thumbs up by the FDA just one year ago. What has the national aesthetic industry learned about the product since then? What are professionals saying about it? What are Dysport’s many advantages over Botox Cosmetic, if any?

Some aesthetic surgeons explain that there are a couple of differences between Dysport and Botox Aesthetic which a doctor will observe, but that won’t make too much differentiation to most clients, explaining which the Botulinum molecules in Dysport are smaller, requiring a different unit of gauge. For instance, where 20 units of Botox might suffice for one area of the face, 50 units of Dysport could be needed. But with Dysport costing less, there’s a slight cost advantage to the doctor and patient.

The smaller molecules in Dysport seem to influence a couple more of its properties, according to many doctors. Dysport seems to diffuse over a wider area of the face, notes two Los Angeles area practitioners. This could be why some doctors believe Dysport works more effectively across the entire forehead than Botox. And some feel that the smaller sized molecules guide to less discomfort at the injection site.

While doctors agree that the two programs are similar except in their molecule size and units of evaluate, there are few other aspects of Dysport and Botox they readily agree on. Many doctors say Dysport acts more quickly than Botox. One noted, however, which the Dysport advantage was measured in just hours, not days. Some doctors have noted no difference at all in onset times for their clients.

The bottom line for all concerned—does Dysport last longer than Botox?

Unfortunately, there’s no clear answer to this question either. Some physicians feel Dysport does last longer, but perhaps just days, maybe a week or a little longer. No one seems to believe there’s a very significant disparity.

It seems there’s little doctors are ready to state definitively when it comes to the two wrinkle blockers. The one thing professionals do agree on is which more will be typically called the employ of Dysport becomes more widespread and years of practice yield more data with many physicians believing that they may end up preferring Dysport to Botox as they gain more experience with it.

Even thought it seems too early to draw many conclusions, there is good news. The introduction of Dysport into the marketplace means there’s competition at last for Botox. And there are at least two other wrinkle blockers in the pipeline, probably more. It’s a safe bet which efficacy will go up and prices will eventually come down.

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