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Botox Training MD

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1 Jun 2011

There’s a new site for Botox training that allows physicians, dentists and other medical clinicians learn how to perfom Botox and filler injections (Including Dysport) online. It seems so popular that it’s full right now and has a waiting list. Tweet

Making 2011 Resolutions Come True

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14 Jan 2011

Did your get your new year’s resolutions all listed when you welcomed 2011? More importantly, are you prepared to make them part of your reality? If you’re a bit apprehensive (like I am!), then you better read this great  article. It offers valuable tips on how to “Make Things Happen in 2011.” 1. Walk before […]

Boosting Your Online Presence Offline

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19 Nov 2010

Since we’re already talking about online strategies, allow us to share with you some great tips that we found. These are some steps that you can take to further your SEO efforts even offline. What to do: Use offline advertising to promote your web presence. How to do it: Include your website URL and other […]

Youtube Secrets Revealed

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17 Nov 2010

This topic is a bit off-tangent from our usual discussions about Botox but we thought it was worth sharing… Let’s consider this as spreading the tech-love. We’ll begin by dishing out an important youtube secret with you. Well, alright, what we’re about to share isn’t really a secret (we’re pretty sure there are a lot […]

Contrary to popular belief, very few medical malpractice cases involve doctors and Botox cosmetic. The prevailing idea is similar to what a respected icon in the makeup industry opines: Women should be afraid of Botox. Her reason: because it involves injecting poison into your skin. I’d be rich if I got a penny for every […]

Ever wondered about the relationship between Botox and doctors? Well, today is the day when you’re wondering ends… Every patient is aware that Botox treatments are expensive. In fact, we’d wager that this is the first consideration of most of them. But what very few realize is that doctors usually get so little profit from […]

Hey guys! Have we got a treat for you! We’re going on a 3-day journey… one, we’re sure, you never thought you needed to take. By way of introduction, let us share with you the reason why we’re doing this. While we were doing research for the Botox Guide (which, by the way, we can’t […]

The FDA approved the use of Botox for migraine headaches just last October 15. Here’s a little Q&A that addresses your most pressing questions: How will I know if I have chronic migraine? You have chronic migraine if you experience headaches on most days of the month (at least 15 days each month). The common […]

A lot of women have shunned Botox use because – let’s admit it – there’s more bad than good reviews in popular media  about the drug and its effects. Here are 3 reasons for its infamy: 1.    Hollywood Yes, you read right: the glitzy and glamorous Hollywood. Let’s cut through the fluff and admit that […]

Who among you knew that there was such a thing as Botox immunity? It’s not one of the more known info about Botox, that’s for sure! But yes, there have been cases of patients having a Botox immunity. They get the shots but don’t see the results. Too bad, eh? Well, here’s the skinny on […]

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