Do it yourself Botox: People are injecting themselves with fake Botox.

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7 Nov 2009

DIY Botox deadly

People are risking death or serious injury by using an illegal Botox equivalent without prescription, a CBD cosmetic doctor warns.

Dr Mario Soteriou, of Cosmetic Image Clinics, said self-administering the goods obtained at a new US-based online store was equivalent to playing “Russian roulette”.

He said neither the Botox equivalent nor the dermal filler sold on the website was approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration, which also decrees the products must only be administered under medical prescription.

The website also sells needles and an instructional DVD to enable buyers to self-administer the do-it-yourself Botox equivalent, with the promise of wrinkle free skin.

The dermal filler is also being marketed with a DIY guide for plump lips.

Dr Soteriou, who has specialised in cosmetic medicine since 2000, said he was “severely shocked” by the shonky website.

He said injectable treatments such as Botox and dermal filler should only be administered by qualified practitioners.

“The big problem with these drugs is that we don’t know what they are made of and they can’t guarantee you safety or results,” Dr Soteriou said. “Self-administering them is essentially like making a life decision without putting any thought into it.

“I wouldn’t even advocate for doctors and nurses to be injecting themselves.

“You are also risking your own death if you have an adverse or severe allergic reaction to the drugs.”

Dr Soteriou believes the website is a “money grab” and fuels people’s desperate desires for quick-fix anti-ageing products.

“I’ve never heard of these products before and I attend a lot of medical conferences to ensure I’m up-to-date with the latest in facial rejuvenation techniques,” he said.


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