Wholesale Dysport from Canada

Dysport is botulinum toxin type A that is manufactured by Ipsen. In the USA, Dysport has been approved under the trade name Reloxin. Reloxin and Dysport are exactly the same product and manufactured by the same company. We guarantee that all products we supply are 100% genuine and that you will be satisfied with your order.

We source Dysport from Europe where there are government implemented price regulations allowing us to bring you the best possible price for Dysport.

Through the partnership of Medical Spa Rx and Medical Spa Md we now offer you a new purchasing option so you can save even more. By selecting the option Group Buy above, your order will become a part of a group buy with other clients, getting you the absolute lowest price possible.

When you choose the group buy option, you order will not be shipped to you immediately. Instead, your order will only be shipped once there are enough orders collected to meet the minimum amount for the Group Buy. You will receive your order approximately 10 working days after this has been met.

The Group Buy option does take much longer to get your order, but it gives you the ability to make uncomparable savings. So, if you can wait longer, or order ahead of time, the Group Buy option will be perfect for you.

If you need your order urgently and can not wait that long for the Group Buy, we still offer our regular services at the most competitive prices around.

The Dysport group buy allows medical spas, laser clinics and plastic surgery clinics to group their buying power and buy Dysport at a discount. it’s a much more efficient way to buy Dysport if you’re a heavy Dysport user.

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