The Insiders Guide To Botox

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28 Aug 2010

I’ve been thinking about what we’ll need to answer in the Insiders’ Guide To Botox

Here are some of my thoughts about what we’ll reveal.

The Insiders Guide To Botox will be a tell-all revelation that will put you on the inside of one of the most sought-after and talked about cosmetic treatments around. This is information that no one else will give you and your friends and family don’t know.

Find out what your Doctor doesn’t want you to know about your Botox treatments
Learn how your doctor decides how much to charge you
Discover why some women are injecting themselves with Botox at home
Know what to ask your doctor in your consultation
Understand how Botox works, and if it will work for you.
Find out why some Doctors are administering fake Botox.

This guide gives you the inside scoop on the most popular cosmetic treatment for crows feet and foreheads. Botox has been around for a long time. You may have even had it. But did you know that.

Some doctors have lost their licenses for giving their patients fake Botox.
Websites are hawking ‘do it yourself Botox treatments’, and states are shutting them down.
China is pushing fake Botox into the US market, with disastrous results.
Some doctors are ‘watering down’ their Botox to save money.
There are new competitors coming on to the market.
Doctors get kickbacks for pushing more Botox.
Botox has a bottom price.

Where to get real information about Botox.

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