Reconstructive Plastic Surgery Not Likely Among Certain Races?

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24 Nov 2009

Less-acculturated Latinas with breast cancer are less likely to have reconstruction surgery after a mastectomy, say researchers at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Amy Alderman, MD, MPH, assistant professor of plastic surgery at the U-M Medical School and lead author conducted a study to examine trends in breast reconstruction among different races, including white women, African-American women, and Latina women. The group of Latina women was further divided into women who were either highly acculturated into American society or less acculturated.

After looking at 806 women who were treated for breast cancer, researchers found 41% of white women and 41% of highly acculturated Latinas underwent reconstruction, while only 34% of African-Americans and 14% of less acculturated Latina did.

The study authors found that the lagging reconstruction rates did not correlate to lack of interest. More than half of the less-acculturated Latinas said they would have like more information about breast reconstruction.

When patients’ satisfaction with their surgery was measured, the highest satisfaction rates were among white women who were satisfied with their treatment (94%) compared with the lowest rate, 56%, among less-acculturated Latinas who did not receive reconstruction.

Furthermore, this group was also less likely to report that their surgeon explained breast reconstruction, and they were less likely to be referred to a plastic surgeon than the other racial groups. The study also showed similar trends for African-American women, although the most significant data was among the less acculturated Latinas.

“Reconstruction is important to these women, but significantly more of the less-acculturated Latinas did not know how to get it. It suggests significant unmet needs for this vulnerable group. They have a desire for reconstruction, but no one’s telling them about it,” Dr Alderman suggested.

The study authors suggest that more efforts be made to present breast reconstruction options to all patients, including those who speak only Spanish. Further research is planned to understand how language and other cultural issues affect whether women receive breast reconstruction.

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