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15 Nov 2009

A study in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology says if you want to see a skin doctor about a changing mole, get ready to wait. The average wait time is 26 days. But if you want a Botox shot, it’s just eight days, two-and-half weeks shorter. Here in mid-Missouri, two dermatologists say that’s not true.

“There’s a shortage of dermatologists nationally,” dermatologist John Despain said. “Also, patients have direct access to dermatologists for skin care.”

Dr. John Despain owns Despain Dermatology Center and Skintuition Medical Spa in Columbia, focusing on cosmetic dermatology like Botox. He says at his practice, clinical appointments always come before cosmetics.

“They are seen on a priority basis within a few days,” Despain said. “If they’re a new patient, if there’s the ability to put them in a new patient slot, they priority over anyone calling for cosmetic concerns, of course.”

At Dr. Lindall Perry’s practice in Columbia, they treat all appointment requests the same.

“We don’t have, quote, ‘cosmetic appointments,'” he said.

Although Perry is booked through January, he says patients with skin problems can get appointments.

“We have open appointments in two weeks with our newer staff and they would take both a cosmetic patient, an acne patient, a wart patient,” Perry said.

Perry says it can be a challenge juggling business and patient care.

“I like to think I have sound business practices,” she said. “I do schedule myself very fully. My staff would say too full. My patients would say too full. We pay attention though to the frustration of long waits.”

With a heavy focus on clinical treatments, Perry says he tries to see as many patients as possible. Often leaving the Botox appointments for after hours. He says money is a benefit of his practice, not the motivator.

“My desire everyday is to find every melanoma that’s in front of me and not to miss that,” he said. 

As for Despain, he likes biopsies just as much as Botox.

“I view them as a compliment to each other,” he said. “If I had to choose how to spend my time out of enjoyment or profitability, they’re probably equal.”

Both doctors say there’s certainly a demand in mid-Missouri for cosmetic dermatology, but most of their patients and profits stem from clinical work. In the meantime, if you want to see a dermatologist, the best idea is to plan ahead.

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