Need a breast lift? Try an plastic surgeons internal bra?

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24 Nov 2009
Woman fastening bra behind her back

Breast lift plastic surgery coming to a medical spa near you.

Bras are an often uncomfortable but necessary evil for the majority of women.

But if you’ve got serious bra issues and can’t be bothered with a different strap arrangement for every occasion, plastic surgery now has the answer.

Israeli plastic surgeon Eyal Gur has invented the Cup & Up bra and there’s no straps to be worried with… on the outside at least.

In fact, the invention is an alternative to breast implants and promises perky breasts for years without any of the drawbacks of implants.

The first guinea pig has already had her internal bra fitted and surgeons say it was a huge success.

Avi Cohen, managing director of Orbix Medical, the company helping to develop the bra, told the Daily Mail: “The operation went really well and the woman, who is in her 30s, has made a good recovery.

“The bra has given her the lift she wanted. Her breasts look natural and she is happy with the result. The surgeons have done a fantastic job.”

The Cup & Up involves a kind of internal silicon bra. The ‘straps’ are attached to the ribs with titanium screws, stitched to silicon ‘cups’ and then it’s all tightened into place.

As gruesome and unpleasant as that sounds, those of you in need of a lift can be in and out of hospital in a morning as the keyhole operation takes just 40 minutes.

Mr Cohen believes the internal bra will become widely available throughout Europe within the next 18 months.

“We have enough women volunteers in the trial and we will be doing our second patient just before Christmas.

“In a year’s time we will have enough evidence that it works. Then we will be able to get the green light from the European medical licensing authorities.”

Call us cautious, but we think we might wait a little longer.

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