Botox Patient: What REALLY killed the Beauty Queen?

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10 Dec 2009

New info surfaces about former beauty queen Solange Magnano’s death….

(CNN) — When Argentine beauty queen Solange Magnano approached Dr. Guillermo Blugerman in 2004 about helping her achieve a flatter stomach, the plastic surgeon says, he obliged with liposuction. But when she returned five years later requesting silicone injections for a higher, firmer rear end, he turned her away.

“I said this was not allowed to be done in Argentina,” Blugerman said on the telephone from his Buenos Aires office.

Blugerman, the president of the Argentina Association of Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery said he believes Magnano then went in search of someone who would give her the injections she wanted.

“She found someone else to do this with this forbidden material,” he said.

The former Miss Argentina died November 29, reportedly of a pulmonary embolism, a blood clot that blocks blood supply to the lungs. Embolisms are known complications of silicone injections though they can occur — rarely — after any surgery. It’s still not clear Miss Argentina was given a silicone injection, which is not an approved procedure for “butt lifts” in Argentina or the United States.

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