Getting Botox For The First Time

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28 Aug 2010

We’re about to make available a new guide for anyone looking in to the possibility of getting Botox for the first time.

Here’s the very first outline that we’re starting to work from. Of course, it’s only a rough draft but it’ll take shape soon enough.

Botox Patient: Getting Botox For The First Time. A guide to Botox for smart women.

Before: a woman thinking it over at home

  • What is Botox
  • Address the concern that Botox is a toxin
  • What it does
  • Why it has the effect that it does
  • Am I candidate for Botox injections
  • How do I select a Physician/Clinic
  • During: a woman on her first consult and procedure
  • What is the nature of the office examination
  • Questions that Physicians ask
  • Questions that a Patient must ask
  • How soon after the first consult can the procedure be done

The Botox Treatment

  • How is it administered
  • Where is it injected
  • Is it painful?
  • What a patient can do to minimize the pain (Take pain killers before the procedure?)
  • How long does the procedure last
  • Out patient procedure
  • Is it advisable to do it during lunch hour?
  • We could include the “what you need to know but doctors don’t tell you” part here

After:  a woman who just finished her first botox treatment

  • What are the things a first-timer must remember
  • How long does the effect last (how long before next treatment)
  • Possible side effects
  • Any special advice to take care of skin that has been recently botoxed
  • How to address possible inflammation or tenderness on the area treated
  • How to make the botox last

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