Debunking Botox Myths

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2 Sep 2010

We’ve started writing the Insider’s Guide To Botox and are keeping you in mind the whole time — as Botox Treatmentmuch as possible, we’d like to address your Botox concerns from the moment you start deliberating if you’re a good candidate for the procedure until the time you schedule your next treatment.

One of the things that we  decided to do is address the myths surrounding  Botox and give you the correct information.

We came across several erroneous and misleading articles and commentaries online while conducting our initial research and this propelled our efforts into separating Botox myths from facts.  We also took note of common misconceptions and will distinguish which ones are true and which are not.

We figured that if we were to put ourselves in the shoes of someone searching around online for information that will help them decide if they’re going to go through with the procedure, we’d end up having to wrestle with confusing literature especially with topics relating to when you should schedule your next treatment, who are authorized to administer the drug and something as basic as how the drug works.

All this is geared towards creating the ultimate guide for the smart Botox patient.

Here are the general headlines of the Guide:

  • Botox Basics: Everything you need to know even before your first consult
  • Botox Treatment: Overcoming Botox Jitters
  • Botox Aftermath: Making the effects of Botox last

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