Botox Mistakes You Should Avoid

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7 Sep 2010

Here’s an update to The Insider’s Guide that we are creating.

We just decided to include a discussion of issues that should be considered as Botox no-no’s.  A common denominator among these types of issues is the desire to avoid paying the high cost of Botox treatments.  Sadly, money, or a feeling of lack thereof, can really drive people to make unwise decisions.  We’re hoping that this Guide will protect women from unscrupulous individuals and, maybe, even from themselves, by giving them the information needed to make smart choices.

Here are a couple of issues that we might tackle in The Guide.

Do-It-Yourself Botox treatments

A lot of controversy was stirred by the arrest of Laurie D’Alleva. Suddenly, the issue of Do-It-Yourself Botox treatments was shoved into the spotlight.  I know that there are individuals out there who believe that Laurie was doing the common person a great service by giving them access to cheaper cosmetic medicine.  But, please be wary of distributors, online or otherwise, who allow you to purchase prescription medicine, such as Botox, without a prescription.  The FDA has regulated these drugs for several reasons – most important of which is your safety.  A lot of people seem to overlook the matter of health just to be able to save some money but, as some of the victims of Discount MedSpa admit, reversing the effects of their DIY treatments are causing a much bigger dent on their bank accounts.

Fake Botox

Most of the bad press associated with Botox actually pertain to instances where Fake Botox was used irresponsibly.  You may have heard of the Houston physician who was sentenced to prison for using industrial strength Botox on her patients.  The drug she used was labeled “FOR RESEARCH PURPOSES ONLY, NOT FOR HUMAN USE” and yet she still injected some 170 of her patients with it.  Botox, despite being derived from a neurotoxin, is really a safe drug – but this comes with several precautions such as using only the FDA approved version produced by Allergan and proper administration by experienced medical practitioners.  When a person chooses to cut corners and find cheaper alternatives without regard to possible repercussions, you just know that things are bound to get ugly – and with Botox in the equation, ugly might just be right on the money.

I know that deciding to undergo any medical procedure requires giving your physician a little bit of faith but that doesn’t mean that you have to go through the process blindfolded.

The inclusion of a section that discusses these issues in The Guide is made with the hope that we will be making more women think twice about latching on to super-saver deals like these.  We’ll also give you some tips on avoiding Botox pitfalls such as how to choose your physician, what to ask during your consultation and even how to check if the Botox that will be used is the real deal.

I hope this is getting to be as exciting for you as it is for us!

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