The What’s-What of Botox Immunity

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27 Sep 2010

Who among you knew that there was such a thing as Botox immunity? It’s not one of the more known info about Botox, that’s for sure!

But yes, there have been cases of patients having a Botox immunity. They get the shots but don’t see the results. Too bad, eh? Well, here’s the skinny on this little known fact about this often-used drug.


  • OVER-DOSAGE: physicians say that this is the most common cause of Botox immunity. When too much of the drug is used, the body starts developing antibodies that counteracts its effect. Note, though, that this usually happens when Botox is used to treat other conditions like cerebral palsy where large dosages are really used for treatment.
  • SUBSEQUENT TREATMENTS: the effects of Botox are said to be cumulative if you go in for your next treatment before the drug completely wears off. This will be tantamount to over-dosage that builds-up through procedures in intervals of 2-3 months, spanning a period of years.
  • UNDER-DOSAGE: in case you can’t see any results after, there is a possibility that the Botox used for your treatment was watered down. In this instance, immunity is not the problem – your Botox provider is ripping you off using an over-diluted drug! You can either go in and demand your money’s worth or consider that as a lesson learned and find an honest and experienced physician who will inject you with the right potency.

Quick fixes:

  • You can have your blood tested for the antibodies

This will set the record straight and you can act according to the results. If you do not have the antibodies, then chances are you’re being duped by your physician. If you have the antibodies in your system, then read on because we have some tips to deal with that…

  • Try other Botulinum toxin products

You have a choice between Dysport and Myobloc. Dysport is derived from Botulinum Toxin Type A (like Botox) but they have different inactive ingredients that may just do the trick. Another (more) possible option is Myobloc since its active ingredient is the Type B strain of the toxin. The latter is what they usually recommend to patients that are found to be immune to the Type A drugs.

  • Try Non-surgical Cosmetic Procedures

You have several options on the non-surgical cosmetic medicine front. A few of the treatments that you can consider are fillers, Restylane, Juvederm and laser resurfacing. They’re all intended to decrease the appearance of wrinkles. Some people say they’re not at par with Botox but, we think, considering your specific circumstance, you’ve got nothing to lose!

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