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18 Mar 2010

Botox headlines are always more than a little bit of trouble to come up with… but here are some doozies.

The greatest Botox stories since history began
Will Botox really make me a millionaire
Why my dog doesn’t need Botox
3 Reasons you should never Botox whilst on the toilet
How drunk Botoxing can lead to a divorce
Is Coffee the fuel of Botox and if so, which bean?
Is the level of ADD sufferers higher on Botox
Why your business should Botox now
People who should Botox more
People who should Botox less
People who really should start Botoxing
People who should really stop Botoxing
Is the best thing about Botox that it distracts your competitor?
10 of the most stupid Botox stories ever
What defines a Tweet Guru
People you absolutely must follow on Botox
What is the carbon footprint of Botox
How Botox can help seo
Ways Botox can help get a job
Ways Botox can get you sacked
Bankers who Botox
Ultimate list of politicians who use Botox
Can you call yourself a fashionista if you have no Botox
A list of people who slagged Botox but who now are addicted
10 best put downs about Botox
10 Scientists who Botox
Why Botox will never make a profit
How to spot a Botox user
Is Botox the new dating need?
Most famous fake Botox accounts
Top ten things people most hate about Botox
Top ten things people love about Botox
10 Botox gurus and their advice
How to make Botox work for you
How to find 10,000 Botox patients
Why Botox success is not about the number of wrinkles
How patients game Botox clinics
Top ten Botox scams
Botox tips an Ebook should really teach
The evolution of Botox
Who makes money from Botox
How you can make money from Botox
8 reasons Botox will lose you money
15 ways to save money by using Botox

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