sells Dysport, Ipsen's newest introduction the the cosmetic corrections market in the USA. Dysport is starting to make an impact on doctors choices to treat your wrinkles in 2009 and going forward, with offering some of the lowest pricing on a wholesale basis.

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Traditionally the main selling botulinum toxin product for has been the ever so popular Botox that is manufactured by multinational Allergan. Until recently Botox has arguably dominated the market for wrinkle corrections performed by a medical professional, as we at have noted through our sales.

Of course there has also been the option to buy and use so called "fillers" such as Restylane or Juvederm since the late '90s, all of which also supplies at discounted pricing to medical professionals.

Since its approval by the FDA this year, Dysport has slowly gained popularity with sales through Contributing to Dysport taking some of our Botox sales are several advantages in price and effects.

We have noted that Dysport can begin showing effects in the patient within one day of injection, whereas patients that have been treated by Botox have regularly commented saying that effects are usually noticed within a week of treatment, or in some cases within 2 weeks according to some doctors.

There is also a small pricing advantage in Dysport's favor, with pricing being an average of 5-10% cheaper than the same treatment with Botox. Although the price on is higher per vial than Botox, the amount of Dysport used per injection differs and the end result is a more cost effective product.

Although gaining popularity we at are still seeing strong Botox sales, which tells us that we still have a very loyal following that prefer to use the tried and tested Botox.

We would suggest to medical professionals to at least try out Dysport through, who has such great pricing it can't hurt.

About is an international wholesaler of pharmaceuticals and medical products to doctors, clinics and other medical organizations at discounted pricing. Amongst the products that are sold by Medica Depot are Botox, Dysport, Restylane and Juvederm

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