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19 Nov 2010

Since we’re already talking about online strategies, allow us to share with you some great tips that we found.

These are some steps that you can take to further your SEO efforts even offline.

What to do: Use offline advertising to promote your web presence.
How to do it: Include your website URL and other online accounts in your offline advertisements (think: print ads). When you do this, potential clients will know about you via offline means and will hopefully look you up when they get the chance to go online.

What: Ditch the traditional Business cards.
How: We don’t mean that you should do away with business cards. Rather, we encourage you to include your web addresses in the information you indicate in your card. That way, any person who gets a hold of it will know how to find you online.

What: Use your car for advertising.
How: Have you ever been stuck in traffic and noticed a car with a sticker that contained a web address? Some might think that it’s a little bit tacky but it’s just like having a mobile billboard showcasing your web address. It’s a good way to get your online location out there. Just think of it as the modern bumper sticker!

What: Be Creative.
How: You have a whole array of ways and means to boost your online presence outside of the internet. What’s left for you to do is get with the program and use the resources available to you. Remember though that you should be mindful of your marketing strategy. Make sure that your offline SEO efforts tie in with the general plan. Otherwise, you run the risk of doing more harm than good.

via Frontdesk SEO. Follow the link for more information on how to do SEO.

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