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Botox is bringing new hope for migraine sufferers…. Migraines are extremely painful and can be debilitating to those who suffer from them. There are many different treatments available, the most popular being prescription medications. Many swear by acupuncture or hypnotherapy as a relief from pain and some even undergo surgery to make the headaches stop. […]

Can Botox prevent wrinkles?

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28 Dec 2009

Here’s a different thought – using Botox as a “preventative” treatment… It may seem crazy to get Botox or Dysport injections in your 20’s, but in addition to their ability to temporarily reduce wrinkles, these formulations of botulinum toxin can actually prevent wrinkles before they’re etched into your face. By stopping the repeated muscle contractions […]

(UPI) — A new California law will prevent doctors from performing elective cosmetic surgery without an “appropriate” physical exam, authorities said. The law, which takes effect Friday, is named the “Donda West Law” after singer Kanye West’s mother, who died a day after cosmetic surgery in 2007. The law requires “an appropriate physical examination within […]

Injectables for aging earlobes

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24 Dec 2009

Not exactly the first body part we think of when battling signs of aging, but why shouldn’t our ears get equal attention? The earlobes can be just as symptomatic as the face orneck in the battle to slow down aging. Years of sun exposure and gravity-exacerbating earrings can leave earlobes looking droopy, thin and even […]

“Botox in a sponge”

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23 Dec 2009

Who said beauty has to be painful?  Check out this possible alternative to painful injections… Doctors have long been looking for a way to give patients the benefits of Botox without the needle. (You may recall, for example, the Botox cream being tested for hyperhidrosis.)  The latest efforts involve Botox-soaked sponges, and the effects are […]

Pop a pill and skip the perm

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23 Dec 2009

If you are like most people, you want what you don’t have.  Perms and hair straighteners may be a thing of the past and going curly or straight could be as simple as popping a pill…. A new finding by Australian scientists could lead to letting you switch your hair texture by popping a pill. […]

For the man who has everything… According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), men accounted for 13% of all cosmetic surgical procedures performed in the United States in 2008, and 9% of the cosmetic minimally invasive procedures. And these numbers are only going to rise as “getting work done” is no longer considered […]

A simple procedure that can give you a brand new smile that is less gummy – without surgery! A gummy smile is normally corrected through surgical procedures called Gingivectomies and Crown Lengthening. While relatively painless, the surgeries involve a dental laser that removes the excess gum that shows up in gummy smiles. Healing time can […]

Friend of Michael Jackson joined him on his plastic surgery journey… David Gest blames himself for having too much plastic surgery. The 56-year-old TV star-and-concert promoter says he was encouraged by his late friend Michael Jackson to have several operations, but insists it was all his own decision. David – whose cosmetic procedures include two […]

Botox maker Allergan is getting ready to break resistance, and one investor is fine-tuning a position to take profits and maximize gains. optionMONSTER’s Heat Seeker tracking program detected the purchase of 6,000 January 65 calls for $0.80 and the sale of 3,000 January 60 calls for $3.05. Volume exceeded open interest in the higher strikes […]

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