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What does Botox treat besides wrinkles?

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30 Nov 2009

Before it became a popular anti-wrinkle treatment, Botox was used to treat crossed eyes and eyelid spasms. Today, Botox is being used to help many other conditions. While Botox is commonly used for relaxing fine facial lines and wrinkles, it is becoming a popular treatment for conditions ranging from migraine headaches, bladder control and excessive […]

Liposuction: Is tumescent or laser liposuction better? Plastic Surgeons today are using various types of liposuction. I prefer tumescent liposuction with thin cannulas instead of laser lipo. This is a manual method of liposuction that I believe yields the best liposuction result because the surgeon has the most amount of control. Traditional tumescent liposuction Tumescent […]

Liposuction Training Video: Why thin liposuction cannulas give the best result. Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez is a Yale trained, board certified plastic surgeon specializing in multiple procedure makeovers. He performs unique procedures such as the body lift, Brazilian butt lift, stem cell facelift, endoscopic brow lift, and lip lift. He is Medical Director of his own […]

First, if you’re not blogging for your medical spa,  laser clinic or plastic surgery practice you’re probably still using a rotary-dial telephone. Start. Your patients are busy, and in order to gain and keep readership on your site you need to provide your existing and potential patients with information that makes their lives better, easier, […]

Medical Spa Marketing: Be remarkable.

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28 Nov 2009

If you want to be remarkable you have to provide an experience worth telling someone about. Of course you looked at the image to the right. It’s an ad for a condom and meant to get your attention. Word of mouth marketing is one of your best friends as a medical spa. Happy clients bring […]

Restylane, Juverderm and filler injections tips for physicians running medical spas and laser clinics. The following is from a string of emails that were circulating among some of Medical Spa MDs Members. I’ve edited this somewhat to make it readable and get rid of all the extraneous copies. I’m also not displaying the identity or […]

Active FX laser skin resurfacing is gaining popularity at medical spas, laser clinics and plastic surgery centers. It’s main competitors are Thermage, Fraxel, and other skin tightening or laser skin resurfacing treatments. Here’s an overview of Active FX and some links to more information. The goal of laser skin resurfacing is simple: replace damaged skin […]

Online Botox is not recommended | Grinza

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24 Nov 2009

On a yearly basis, more than 9 million women look for Botox to make themselves look and feel younger. However, these treatments do not come cheap. On average, one treatment can cost $500. In an attempt to reduce expenses, some people have been ordering Botox products through the internet. But, authorities say that this move […]

Breast lift plastic surgery coming to a medical spa near you. Bras are an often uncomfortable but necessary evil for the majority of women. But if you’ve got serious bra issues and can’t be bothered with a different strap arrangement for every occasion, plastic surgery now has the answer. Israeli plastic surgeon Eyal Gur has […]

Less-acculturated Latinas with breast cancer are less likely to have reconstruction surgery after a mastectomy, say researchers at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center. Amy Alderman, MD, MPH, assistant professor of plastic surgery at the U-M Medical School and lead author conducted a study to examine trends in breast reconstruction among different races, including […]

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